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31 Jul 2019, 14:15
Skill For Care recently introduced the Workforce Development Fund (WDF). This initiative provides a pot of money for businesses to access if they wish to deliver a workplace development program. Companies can deliver each learning program for up to 20 people and could qualify for £500 or £125 per learner depending on the course taken.
31 Jul 2019, 08:38
We are proud to announce all our calls going forward will support the Next Generation Text Service (NGT). The new app brings text relay services for deaf, hard-of-hearing and speech-impaired people into the 21st Century, providing conversations and telephone call information right on your mobile phone screen.
31 Jul 2019, 08:19
You won't find out which character in Friends you are, or learn some boring trivia, but what about instead of fake internet points, an online quiz could point you towards a gratifying career in social care?
7 Jun 2019, 09:03
We can't say for sure what the future will hold for equipment provided on the personal wheelchair budgets, but with local authority budgets pushed to their limits and no room left for repairs in allocations, it should not be left to the customer to foot the bill, that’s where we come in.
31 May 2019, 12:43
As we celebrate our 25th year providing specialist insurance, our business model has never wavered. We consider each one of our business partners not just dear friends but also essential to all of our achievements, so when AMP magazine asked us to sponsor the second year of their mobility sector awards, it was an easy decision.
5 Apr 2019, 13:06
Since 2014, the highlight of our year has been Trade Days at the NEC in Birmingham. We spent much of our year building up to it, and the rest of the year afterwards catching up with all the great people we interacted with at the event. So it was with great sadness to hear that after 4 years the event is coming to an end.