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5 Apr 2019, 13:06
Since 2014, the highlight of our year has been Trade Days at the NEC in Birmingham. We spent much of our year building up to it, and the rest of the year afterwards catching up with all the great people we interacted with at the event. So it was with great sadness to hear that after 4 years the event is coming to an end.
27 Sep 2018, 10:36
Most of you are probably aware that when a PA is required to sleep at a service users home and required to remain on site that every hour will be considered time-work and therefore should be paid at or above the NMW regardless of whether the employee is awake or asleep.
27 Sep 2018, 10:36
The Blue Badge scheme which allows holders to park for free in pay and display bays and up to three hours on roads with yellow lines is about to undergo a massive overhaul. Now people with “hidden disabilities” such as autism and other mental health conditions will now also be able to apply for a blue badge permit starting in 2019.
27 Sep 2018, 10:36
Could the law on mobility scooter's and insurance about to be changed?
27 Sep 2018, 10:36
With the summer now officially over, temperatures dropping and wind speeds increasing the UK braces itself for the potential of extreme weather conditions. The UK is no stranger to bad weather, last year alone Storm Katie, the eleventh storm of that season, reached wind speeds of over 100mph.
27 Sep 2018, 10:36
The NHS has a wide range of services to offer patients to meet any issues they may have, but sometimes even that is not enough, and this is where personal health budgets (PHBs) comes in. PHBs aims to replicate the success of the personal budgets and direct payments scheme available within social care, and basically offers a patient a cash payment instead of a direct service.