Carers Week 2015

Life is often described as a jigsaw, there are so many different pieces to fit into supporting a member of society. When that person has a disability or simply needs more support that becomes ever more complicated. This can often bring with it financial strains, emotional frustration and unfortunately sometimes loneliness.

Caring for someone is not just a duty it is a way of life for more than 6 million people around the country, that’s why from June 8th – 14th 2015 we will be joining with those peopleand raising awareness of these amazing people.

Young or old, family or friend – being a carer is a story of joy, frustration, loneliness, but most of all… love.

We are not alone, in excess of 1800 organisations including local authorities, carers groups, NHS trusts, charities, GP practices and individuals have already pledged support. Organising thousands of events up and down the country from Monday 8th to Sunday 14th for Carers Week, to get involved and find events local to you click HERE.

The Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 will feature some of the stories of amazing carersthroughout the week – as well as give out some great tips, help and support. There are still millions of carers who look after people that are frail, ill or disabled that often go unpaid and may feel alone. Which is why this week is so important to us at Mark Bates Ltd.

Carer Friendly Communities

This year’s aim is to promote communities that support the important role that unpaid carers play in improving lives. Meaning that every part of the community from the hospital, workplace, primary school, to leisure services and beyond will help remove obstacles, improving their lives at every step.

With predictions that 3 in 5 of the population will be carers in their life time, and as many as 9million carers in the UK by 2037 it’s important we all do our part to support the community at large. Unfortunately at the moment 3 of 4 carers feel they were not prepared for caring, and many struggle for support during the difficult times.

It is important to not feel alone there are already some amazing support organisations for carers, many of which are supported by our Home Employment insurance. You can find helpful links on our website, and also through the Carers week website.Tune into Radio 2 each day this week and listen to some of the stories from carers and see how you could help make things easier.