Catching up with Jon Bolding

As Mark Bates Ltd proudly enter into our 2nd year sponsoring Jon Bolding we have caught up with him to find out what he and his team have achieved over the past year. Jon and the team put a lot of hard work into their sport and it is obviously paying off, long may their winning streak continue!

Catching up with  Jon Bolding

Aspire Powerchair football club,

The 2015/2016 season has been a very successful one for both myself and the club. This season has seen the club win both the league and the cup double. For me on a personal note it was the first time that I have won the league as player manager and so was a massive achievement for myself and was proud of the hard work that the team put in throughout the season.

Aspire FC top of the league

We managed to go through the whole season unbeaten and scoring an impressive 112 goals in 22 games.

At the end of season presentation I was grateful in being awards the “Player of the Season” award in which I had not won for a number of years and so it was great to see that the hard work that I had put in throughout the season had paid off and been recognised.

Following on from the success of last season we have now qualified for the champion’s league. The champion’s league is taking place in Hou, Denmark in October this year. We have been working hard over the summer to make sure that we are ready when we go to the tournament. Everyone has been putting in extra hours each week to improve individual skills and weaknesses that we have so then we go to the tournament with the best chance of bringing home the trophy.

We were part of the last champion’s league but were disappointed with our performances and resulted in us finishing 5th with we aim to surpass this time and our minimum aim it to be in the final and so anything less will be a major disappointment.

Each player in our team is striving both for the team and on a personal level because next year sees the world cup and every player in our team wants to be part of that England team that will go to Florida to compete and they know that a good champions league will put them in a prime position of being selected for the team.

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