Giving A Little Back To The NHS

Every year around Christmas we send hampers out to all of our business partners and organisations that work with us to offer our policies. It’s a small token of our appreciation, but a big undertaking and quite a bit of work to complete. This year we decided to complete a few more of our well thought of packages and send them to the real heroes — the NHS staff.

Some of our own MBL staff have family members that have been helped by the wonderful NHS whilst others have heroes in their family working tirelessly to help our country through the pandemic. It makes us feel very humble and hugely grateful to those working in the most dangerous positions, but also fills us with an immense amount of pride that our great country has such a wonderful healthcare system we can rely on.



So, we ordered a few more goodies for our stockpile, and made some up for our local hospice here in Grantham as well as the Grantham ambulance station. Our deliveries are a small token of our huge appreciation for all NHS staff and the work that they do for us. 

A massive thank you to everyone working in the NHS, and all key workers up and down the country. We know first hand what it has been like for individual employers and the personal assistants working to support those most in need during the past year, and will do our very best to help wherever we can.