Employment Law Update The Good Work Plan

Back in 2018, the Government introduced the Good Work Plan. A long term plan to bring in several proposed changes to employment law. Each one designed to improve the working conditions and rights of employees throughout the country - the first of which are due to be implemented on 6th April 2020. Each employer of personal assistants should make sure they are up to speed on this and make changes if necessary.

Written Terms

As it stands at the moment, employers have three months to provide an employee with written terms and conditions of their contract. From 6th April any employee or worker must be issued this on or before their first day of employment.

A Weeks Pay

Currently, holiday pay is calculated from the average earning over the last 12 weeks before the holiday period. From the 6th April 2020 this is increasing to 52 weeks, or the length of employment if they have worked less than a full year. Staff whose hours vary greatly will benefit from a much fairer payment when taking holidays.

Contents Of Contract

There are new terms you must include in any contract issued after the 6th April 2020.

* Normal working hours total, when they will be expected to work and if their hours vary. If so you must indicate by how much.
* Any benefits the employee receives other than their regular pay. For example, free meals.

* A clear outline of their probationary period and conditions
* Any sick pay entitlement
* Information about any other annual leave an employee may be entitled to

* Information of any mandatory training required, or any optional courses they can attend.

Any existing staff will be entitled to request a new copy of their contract with all of these changes in. You will have one month to provide this - so perhaps look at updating these anyway.

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage for those over 25 will rise to £8.72, with other age groups also increasing. Statutory sick pay and parental leave will also increase.

Pay Slips

Employers must issue a payslip including the number of hours worked and where pay varies indicate this clearly. This is particulalry important with variable working staff and those on zero hour contracts.

Help From Mark Bates Ltd

We are working on an updated customer portal that will enable an employer to access updated contracts, update them in real time and issue them to their employees when changes like this occur. This will also provide a whole range of support for employers and support organisations.