Guide to Home Employment – Part 2

This is the second part of our series ‘Guide to Home Employment’. In this series of posts we are looking for guides, tools and resources that have been created especially to give you some help with the process of employing a personal assistant. If you haven’t already we recommend you read part 1 of the series

Guide to Home Employment – Part 2

When you employ a personal care assistant you might also have to manage paying their wages and dealing with the dreaded world of tax. Tax can be a confusing subject for anyone and with the government promoting independent living and giving you more freedom over how your needs are met you can soon find you have new responsibilities.

The Disability Tax Guide

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group have created a website dedicated as a guide to tax for those employing personal assistants. The website’s aim is to provide useful information and guides to anyone in receipt of direct payments who will also have to manage a payroll for their personal care assistants.

The disability tax guide website has some really useful tools and information to help you work out things like your employee’s tax status, paying wages, a fantastic tool for creating payslips and also some helpful info if things go wrong. There are also some guides and factsheets to download or print so you can keep them handy.

Aside from information about tax the disability tax guide also provides information about independent living and employment law plus there are sections on being a carer or if you’re someone supporting a person that is taking on a personal assistant.

If you want to start using the site head to