Mark Bates Ltd And The Next Generation Service

We are proud to announce all our calls going forward will support the Next Generation Text Service (NGT). The new app brings text relay services for deaf, hard-of-hearing and speech-impaired people into the 21st Century, providing conversations and telephone call information right on your mobile phone screen. Our customer service and claims handlers are now able to work seamlessly with NGT. Along with a simple solution such as live chat, we aim to make communication with us so fluent and easy to understand, you will be able to contact us whenever you need us with minimal fuss.

How To

All you need to do is download the NGT app from the App Store on your smartphone or computer - this may be the Windows Store, Google Play or The App Store. You will then need to link your phone number to the service, but don't worry if you use a Textphone as you can carry on using that if you wish.

In the options menu, select the option which best applies to you:

  • - I'll be typing and hearing (use if you're speech impaired as this mutes the line)
  • - I'll be typing and reading (use if you're deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired)
  • - I'll be speaking and reading (use if you're deaf or hard of hearing and can talk clearly)

Once this is complete, you're all set up and ready to go. We really think this service will make a huge difference going forward, giving our customers confidence when contacting us. We really hope you will feel safe in the knowledge that the calls you make will be understandable and stress free. As an added benefit the NGT app will also save your conversations for you to refer back to later, as well as aid with emergency services should you need help fast.

For more information, head to the NGT app website.

Greg Morris

Business Development

Mark Bates Ltd