MBL HE team become an Endorsed Training Provider

The Home Employment (HE) team at Mark Bates Ltd are dedicated to supporting over 40,000 clients with a Home Employment policy.  The majority of those policy holders are funded by their Local Authority or CCG to manage their support needs.


MBL HE team become an Endorsed Training Provider

Coupled with the provision of exceptional administrative support on a day to day basis, the HE team have also established links with a network of Local Authorities, CCGs and support organisations across the UK by offering personalised support in the form of face to face workshops and training for employers and DP staff alike.  The raw materials for this training comes from the wealth of experience we have gained insuring and supporting people who employ Personal Care Assistants.

One of our aims is to provide the highest quality of training to enhance these relationships and ultimately ensure we have a positive impact on the social care sector.  We have worked really hard over the past 18 months to make this a reality.

With that in mind we are pleased to report that the quality of our training has now been recognised by Skills for Care – the strategic body for workforce development in adult social care in England

We are now an officially Endorsed Provider joining a group of organisations and individuals who are committed to promoting and demonstrating high quality learning and development in the adult social care sector.

Recognition from Skills for Care is important to everyone in the HE team because it demonstrates our commitment to supporting our policy holders and the professionals who support them on a daily basis. 

Here is some of the things people have said about our workshops and training courses in the last 12 months which helped us to attain endorsement;



Employer using Direct Payments;
“It was the best and most relevant workshop I have ever been to since I began using Direct Payments in 2002.  The information was clearly delivered with the opportunity to ask questions relevant to personal situations. The small group worked well for me. A lot of ground was covered.”

DP support service manager;
“The trainer was excellent and the content was extremely relevant and up to date. It was very easy to organise the event with the trainer and it all ran very smoothly on the day. I had very positive feedback from all the attendees and they said they would definitely recommend it to others.”

Council staff who organised a session for social workers;
“The training has made social workers much more aware of the responsibilities of being an employer.  What to tell clients and just as importantly what not tell clients. It has also made them more aware of picking up issues with the DP Advice Service to prevent potential problems becoming a bigger issue.” 

The training we offer focuses on employment law for direct employers covering all the basics and any updates.  We also provide bespoke and enhanced training courses for experienced practitioners and employers. 

If you have any questions about our training or are interested in organising a session please let us know and either Alex, David or Myles will get in touch to discuss your needs and set something up.