Getting Your Mobility Scooter Ready For Spring

We know many of you put away your mobility scooter during the bitterly cold winter. Fortunately however, spring is fast approaching so it’s time to dust off your mobility scooter and enjoy some sunshine.

Getting Your Mobility Scooter Ready For Spring

It’s always important to take care of your mobility scooter and ensure everything is working correctly to hopefully prevent anything unexpected, particularly if you have put it away for a long period of time. Here at Mark Bates Ltd we want to ensure you're safe, comfortable and ready to enjoy your scooter, so we’ve created this basic check list to get your mobility scooter ready for spring.

1. Check Tyres

Over time your tyre pressure could have dropped so ensure they are inflated to the manufacturers recommended specification.

2. Check for signs of damage

Look over your scooter and ensure there are no signs of damage. If you find anything seek advice from your mobility specialist.

3. Charge your batteries

It’s highly likely your batteries have lost some charge so give your scooter a really good charge as per your manufacturers handbook.

4. Check moveable parts

Make sure your steering, wheels and mirrors all move as they should and are in the right position.

5. Give it a quick clean

Dust off exposed parts, ensure any dirt is cleaned off with a damp cloth paying attention to any lights and reflectors (Be wary of strong detergents as they could damage your scooter).

6. Take it for a short test run first

Before you go on a long run with your scooter take it round the block or on a quick trip to ensure the batteries are holding their charge and that everything is working as it should be (don’t forget to take your Mark Bates Ltd 24/7 National Breakdown Recovery card).

7. Put your 24/7 National Breakdown Recovery card in your wallet or purse

Ensure you always have your breakdown number handy in case of the unexpected.

8. Check your insurance has been renewed

If your insurance policy expired over the winter months have you renewed your cover?

Once you have gone through the check list above you’ll be ready to get going and enjoy spring!

We always recommend you service your mobility scooter with a mobility specialist. For any more questions, advice or how to find your mobility specialist please don't hesitate to get in touch.

The recommendations above do not replace any manufacturers recommendations. Always check any recommendations from your product manual first.