Top Tips For Disabled Travellers

It is important to obtain comprehensive insurance that covers all your pre-existing medical conditions, as well as any equipment you may need such as a mobility scooter or specialist equipment.


The cost of care abroad can be very expensive and for those with pre existing medical conditions it could go into the thousands, having the correct insurance will mean these expenses will be covered.

When acquiring the insurance ensure you include all your medical conditions whether these are current or something you have recovered from. It may be tempting to omit certain information to gain a cheaper insurance but when it comes to claiming against it, insurance companies are able to look into your medical history and this could result in your claim being refused.

We offer travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions, to obtain a quote tailored to your individual needs please call 0844 3248340.

Flight requirements

Before travelling ensure you provide information to the airport at least 48 hours before arriving as to your additional requirements, if you don’t you will risk not getting the help you need or not being able to fly at all.

You are able to take two items of mobility equipment aboard; if you require a wheelchair this will need tagging, however these may not be covered for loss or damage so it’s recommended to consider separate insurance (covered in our travel insurance policy). You may also want to consider if you will need additional support from your carer whilst away, personal assistants are covered for public and employers liability abroad under our Home Employment Insurance.

Click the link below to find a checklist which helps ensure you are able to meet all your needs.

Speak with your doctor

Ensure you are healthy enough to travel, you may require a medical note to prove to airport staff it is safe for you to travel or show if you have any metal transplants. You may also require extra medication whilst on holiday in your hand luggage which will need to be clearly labelled and may require a permission letter from your doctor.

It may be an idea to find out about local doctors if you feel this could be necessary.

Talk to a travel rep when booking

It is beneficial to talk about your requirements to a travel rep as they will be able to find ways of meeting your needs throughout your holiday, e.g. disabled hotel rooms. Booking online may limit what requirements can be met. Be specific and ask for written confirmation that they will be met.

(Travel agents for disabled)

Arrange transport

Pre planning how you will get around on holiday will mean one less thing to worry about and will ensure the correct means of transport is available. Try pre-booking your seat if you require extra leg room, if you want a hire a car or to book a taxi, find out if they suit your needs e.g. adapted cars and blue badge holder schemes.

Research any driving laws or requirements of the country you are visiting.

Know your rights

The department of transport offer a step by step guide outlining your rights whilst flying. This applies to airline safety, getting around the airport, assistance provided, transportation of medication, service animals and many more depending on the individual and their needs. Again it is important to make the airport aware of your requirements at least 48 hours before travel.

(Your rights to fly info )

Have fun!

Enjoy your holiday; after all it is what we wait all year for!