David Creaton | 01st November 2017

New figures released from the Department of Transport shows that the number of fatalities from mobility scooter accidents has…

David Creaton | 31st July 2017

Sport, health and wellbeing are currently undergoing a big revolution with a greater emphasis than ever before on wheelchair…

Simon Stevens | 20th July 2017

For some people who require a large amount of social care to support them with their practical and social outcomes, live-in…

David Creaton | 10th March 2017

Powerchair football champion Jon Bolding’s hard work has paid off once again as he has been selected to play for England in the…

Sam Duffy | 28th November 2016

The recent vote to leave the EU has many people concerned.

The Editor | 06th September 2016

There is no question about it - being a personal care assistant (PCA) can be a challenging job .

Kieran Rushby | 29th March 2016

We know many of you put away your mobility scooter during the bitterly cold winter. Fortunately however, spring is fast…

Kieran Rushby | 18th August 2015

Mark Bates Ltd are proud and delighted to announce we have signed a sponsorship contract with none other than Jon Bolding.

Sam Duffy | 07th August 2015

Simon Stevens has been on Direct Payments for 15 years and has been employing a carer for 22 years so has a lot of experience.