Toyota Introduce Three Ways To Move

toyota-mobility-wheelchair.jpgNow and again a large company shows off what it thinks the future of their cars is going to be. Many of these concepts never make it to market, but show off the cutting edge and mood shots that may make up the landscape in the years to come. However, one company, in particular, sees a different future based around individual transport, and this could be great news for mobility scooter and wheelchair users. Toyota's BEVs showcased at this years Tokyo Motor Show "FUTURE EXPO" includes three ways to move with Walking Area BEVs seated type, standing type & wheelchair-linked type.

"We want to create a mobility solution that can support Japan's ageing society and provide freedom of movement to people at all stages of life," - Akihiro Yanaka, Head of Development

Toyota is no stranger to mobility aids concepts unveiling five visions for the future of mobility in January which included new designs for wheelchairs and a walking exoskeleton. Unfortunately, many of which are decades from becoming a reality, none the less with these new BEV's they have included launch dates starting from early next year, and loads of information on specifications - so these might make it to market. 

  • toyota-mobility-scooter].jpgWalking Area BEV Standing Type can be used for patrolling, conducting security checks or carrying heavy equipment around large facilities such as airports or factories.
  • Walking Area BEV Seated Type provides mobility for people who are handling large amounts of luggage, or who may have difficulty walking.
  • Walking Area BEV Wheelchair-linked Type connects to manual wheelchairs by providing motorised power to them for use at large facilities and tourist locations.

The most significant limiting factor may be the 10km range, which is well below the range of most mobility aids but given Toyotas experience in battery and hybrid technology, we may see some revolutionary technology implemented. It remains to be seen what cost these types of machines will be at launch, but given the markets increasing prices, this may be outside of the scope of most individuals. 

It is exciting times following a few years of stagnated innovation, meaning we are hard at work building bespoke policies for the next generation of mobility aids. We continuously think about design in all of our products, forcing us to rethink the whole process of insurance cover, not merely the result. We are confident that all our policies will specifically be tailored to answer the needs of our customer and be their safety net for years to come. 

Greg Morris

Engagement Manager

Mark Bates Ltd