David Ashley | 06th July 2017

The Home Employment (HE) team at Mark Bates Ltd are dedicated to supporting over 40,000 clients with a Home Employment policy.

David Creaton | 12th June 2017

Technology in cars and driving adaptations is a rapidly expanding industry which is great news for people who may have mobility…

David Creaton | 10th March 2017

Powerchair football champion Jon Bolding’s hard work has paid off once again as he has been selected to play for England in the…

Sam Duffy | 10th March 2017

Two of our Business Development Managers attended the Enham Trust staff conference awards on 16th February 2017.

Sam Duffy | 28th November 2016

The recent vote to leave the EU has many people concerned.

Sam Duffy | 19th September 2016

As Mark Bates Ltd proudly enter into our 2nd year sponsoring Jon Bolding we have caught up with him.

The Editor | 06th September 2016

There is no question about it - being a personal care assistant (PCA) can be a challenging job .

The Editor | 04th August 2016

Looking for a holiday that meets your every need can be tricky, particularly if you don't know much about the area.

Kieran Rushby | 29th March 2016

We know many of you put away your mobility scooter during the bitterly cold winter. Fortunately however, spring is fast…