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This is our history as an award winning specialist insurance and warranty provider

Where did we begin?


Mark Bates Ltd is proud to be a family run business and has been providing specialist insurance and warranty policies for over 21 years.


The history of Mark Bates Ltd


Mark Bates Ltd is proud to be a family run business and has been providing specialist insurance and warranty policies for over 25 years. The firm was launched by Mark Bates in July 1994 with a vision to be the best provider of insurance for the disabled and over 50s. Our award winning organisation has built its foundation on looking after our customers and providing unparalleled levels of service. When we started it was a team of 2 handling all enquiries, administration and claims but since then our workforce has grown to a team of almost 80. We have designed our Premier Care range of policies to provide the most comprehensive cover available, giving you total peace of mind.

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Mark Bates

About our Managing Director


Mark began providing the Premier Care range because he saw a need to create far better levels of service, focusing on a sector of society where it is most needed, specifically the over 50s and disabled people. Ever the perfectionist Mark is always striving to ensure our 5 star customer service never falters. “I know from first hand experience how vital help is when your health fails and how important it is to protect yourself from personal injury claims, particularly in today's compensation culture. This is my driving force and why I am so passionate about continuing to provide the very best insurance facilities for people with such specific requirements.”

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Whats New

The next steps for the organisation


What makes us unique is dedication and consideration! We are a long established family run business with strong values and a caring team, most of which have worked with us for over 10 years. This means there is a real sense of ownership within the business which translates into a very professional and patient attitude towards our customers. We continue to work closely with mobility retailers, healthcare professionals and most importantly our customers and we are always looking to develop our product range to meet the specific needs of disabled people and those over the age of 50.


We are always on the lookout for new ways to get involved in our communities from taking part or organising charity events to sponsoring an athlete. Make sure you keep an eye on our blog for to see what we've been up to.

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Static Caravan Insurance

Protecting your home away from home

Our Product Range


Let Mark Bates Ltd be your one stop shop for insurance.

  • Static Caravan Insurance

    • New for old option
    • Replacing locks and keys
    • Public Liability
    • Additional Property
    • Emergency Access Cover
    • More

  • Home Insurance

    • New for old option
    • Up to 30% no claims discount
    • No excess on contents cover
    • Up to £500,000 buildings cover
    • Up to £100,000 contents cover
    • More

  • Mobility Scooter Insurance

    • 24/7 National Accident Recovery
    • Puncture Repair
    • No Excess
    • Accidental Damage
    • Public Liability (up to £2,000,000)
    • More

  • Home Employment

    • Employers' Liability (up to £10,000,000)
    • Public Liability (up to £5,000,000)
    • Legal Expenses
    • Tribunal Costs
    • 24 Hour Helplines
    • More

  • Funeral Plans

    • Flexible Payment
    • Choose the funeral you want
    • A plan that suits you
    • Peace of mind
    • More

  • Travel Insurance

    • £10m Medical Expenses
    • No Age Limit
    • 24 Hour Helplines
    • No hidden admin fees
    • Holiday Cancellation
    • More

  • Manual Wheelchair Insurance

    • Public Liability
    • Accidental Damage
    • 24/7 Breakdown Cover
    • No hidden admin fees
    • 24 Hour Helplines
    • More

  • Personal Care Assistant Insurance

    • Public Liability
    • Legal Expenses
    • Personal Accident
    • Personal Possessions
    • 24 Hour Helplines
    • More