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Healthcare Tasks

A complete list of the healthcare tasks covered is listed below.
If you would like cover for any other healthcare tasks being performed please contact us and we will let you know whether this can also be included.

  •  Administration of buccal midazolam

  •  Administration of drugs

  •  Administration of enemas

  • Administration of medication by nebuliser

  •  Administration of oxygen

  •  Administration of rectal diazepam

  • Application of compression garments

  • Bowel & Catheter Care

  • Bipap and Cough Assist machine
  • Changing dressings

  • Chest / limb physiotherapy

  • Colostomy care

  • Epilepsy management

  •  Gastrostomy feeding and care

  •  Infusion pumps

  • Insulin Injections

  • Management of asthma attacks

  • Hickman line
  • Monitoring of pressure areas

  • Monitoring vitals including blood sugars

  • Naso-gastric feeding and care

  • Oral suction

  • Allergic reactions and auto injector use 

  • Tracheostomy care

  • Urostomy care

  • Ventilator care

  • Identification & treatment of Dysreflexia

Additional Information 

The charge for this policy is dependent on the number of people you employ and if they are performing general social care tasks or if they are also performing the above healthcare tasks.Social Care tasks cover is charged per employee and applies in respect of legal liability if an employee harms you or damages your property whilst undertaking social care duties up to £5m. A simple example of this would be an employee spilling scalding coffee on you or accidentally dropping you whilst in the process of a lift. Healthcare tasks cover offers protection for carers liability of up to £5m should an employee harm you whilst performing procedures they have been trained for. A simple example of this would be a tracheostomy becoming infected due to poor maintenance by the employee.If both elements of this new policy are in place you will have the broadest cover available in the market.

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