manual wheelchair insurance

Manual Wheelchair Insurance

Comprehensive cover for users of manual wheelchairs valued up to £10,000

Complete Protection


If you regularly use your manual wheelchair to get from A to B then this policy is perfect for you. Our wheelchair insurance is specifically designed to meet the needs of those who rely upon mobility aids to assist them in living an independent life.

  • Public Liability

    Up to £2,000,000 covering claims against you if you have accidently damaged someone or their property.

  • Accidental Damage

    Including damage by fire, storm or flood.

  • 24/7 Breakdown Cover

    One call will get you and your equipment home.

  • Theft and Vandalism

    Your wheelchair will be repaired quickly or replaced.

  • Three Months Free for chairs valued up to £1,000

    If you are a brand new customer you get three months insurance completely free.

  • 24 Hour Helplines

    Our UK based helpline is always here for you should you ever need us.

  • No hidden admin fees

    If you need to make a change to your policy we won’t sting you with any admin fees.

  • No Excess

    We do not require any contribution to a claim where other insurance policies might.

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Your Quote

For your quote you will need the following information to hand:

  • Age of your manual wheelchair.

  • Manufacturer of your manual wheelchair.

  • Purchase price.

  • Place of purchase.


Below you can find useful downloads.

Help and Support

We are here to offer you all the help you need with your static caravan


Proper care and attention to your manual wheelchair is crucial in preventing you having to make a claim. This guide provides the measure to take for good maintenance.


Shopping Guide

With many manual wheelchairs on the market it can be frustrating to find a bespoke one for you. This guide provides tips on looking for a wheelchair that fits your needs.



Manual wheelchair users are given rights set out by the government but is often what these are and how far they ended. This guide explains your legal accessibility rights.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can either ring our 24/7 national breakdown recovery number or we will reimburse your taxi fare home (terms and conditions apply).

If you knock somthing over while using your manual wheelchair and someone takes legal action against you then we offer up to £2 million personal liability protection.

Unfortunately our policy doesn’t cover you for sporting activities.

Provided you store your equipment as advised in our policy wording, our geographical coverage includes anywhere in the UK. We also offer 90 days worldwide cover (terms and conditions apply).

The monthly direct debit facility is only available for products valued more than £3000. There is a £5 administration charge included within your monthly instalments.

You will need to take out either our Standard or Plus Mobility Scooter Insurance policy instead of manual wheelchair insurance.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide cover for multiple users of the equipment.

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