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Marks Bates customers are rewared with £5.00 off an Access Card.

What is the Access Card?


The Access Card is a card like no other, the card translates your disability or impairment into symbols which highlight the barriers you face and the reasonable adjustments you might need. This then informs providers quickly and discreetly about the support you need it and may gain you access to things like concessionary ticket prices and complex reasonable adjustments without having to go into loads of personal detail. Its all based on your rights under the Equality Act and providers responsibilities..

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Nimbus Disability, created the Access Card and its associated Quality Assurance Scheme CredAbility. Nimbus is a Social Enterprise set up by disabled people in 2006 to provide advice and guidance to organisations on how best to meet disabled people’s needs in line with what was then the Disability Discrimination Act. Over the years Nimbus has worked with a wide range of different companies each facing their own issues with regard to working with disabled people. Long story short: Nimbus married their experience of working with companies and for disabled people; eventually coming up with what Nimbus call ‘the bits in the middle': CredAbility and The Access Card!

Frequently Asked Questions

The card is recognised at all CredAble organisations but the benefits of the card will vary from place to place. For some providers it might give you a discount or a special offer, for others it might be accepted as evidence in order to access a free pa ticket for example.

You can find details of all of the CredAble Providers on access cards map page and access card will regularly be updating their FaceBook, Twitter and Google+ accounts.

If your needs change you can ask to be reassessed at any time. To reissue a new card Access Card need to charge a £5 admin fee.

Its only appropriate for certain types of provider to ask for evidence – particularly those offering things like free Essential Companion tickets, concessions or discounts which you access remotely i.e. over the phone or internet.

The fact is that people, disabled and non-disabled have in the past exploited some organisations reasonable adjustments – this ultimately means that disabled people with genuine needs suffer in the long run.

Access Card asks you for evidence to remove the need for other providers to ask for anything other than your card. For the Card to be taken seriously by providers Access Card have to make sure that they are making accurate decisions.

No – none at all. Access Card just have to see that you have an impairment that results in needs in line with the Equality Act. This is just as relevant for children as it is for adults. Providers policies on things like free tickets may vary on age though.

For older people this is important too as you may not think of yourself as a ‘disabled person’ but may have medical conditions that still have an impact on you.

The scheme is run by Nimbus: Disability Consultancy. Nimbus is an organisation of disabled people which specialises in the legislation behind The Equality Act and other legislation like Welfare Benefits.


Access Card typically post out all cards within a week of receiving all of the information they need from you. All deliveries are Royal Mail 2nd class and as with any domestic postage there is sometimes a margin of error in deliveries

If you’ve not received your card within a reasonable time frame  get in touch with Access Card as soon as possible.

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