Future Planning

We offer a complete range of options for every financial situation with free consultancy

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We are delighted to have partnered with Four Seasons to offer our customers a huge range of future planning products.

Free Will Writing
Talk with one of our friendly consultants, who will take you through the various options available once you decide to make a Will.
Guaranteed Acceptance
There is no need for a medical and you can take out a funeral plan at any age. You can take out a plan for a partner, parent or friend too.
Save Money
Funeral costs are rising at more than double the rate of pensions, inflation and earnings growth*, so by purchasing a funeral plan today you pay no more for the services in your plan.
Make It A Celebration
We offer a wide range of extras to your plan so you can create a funeral that is personal to you; a fitting tribute to your life.
Easy Payment Options
There are a number of ways to pay for your plan. You can pay in a lump sum, or over a number of years in a way that is affordable to you.
Advice on Family Trusts
We’ll help you to protect your family home and estate so it passes to those you love.
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The Costs Of Dying

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The costs associated with dying in the UK are rising all the time, with the average spend now a staggering £9,263*. Thats a lot of money for someone to have to pay for your funeral, plus professional fees and send-off costs. Even with the most basic of events, your family could be spending more than £4,000 in one go and may simply can’t afford it any longer. More than a quarter of people are having to go into debt to provide a funeral for their loved ones, and 25% of these people are looking to loans and credit card to foot the bill. Thats where our amazing partners at Four Seasons come in. They will be able to look at your individual circumstances and make recommendations from a huge range of options. From pre-paid funeral plans, to trusts and wills, they have it all covered.

Exclusive Designer App

Only Mark Bates Ltd customers get access to our funeral designer app when you take out a Funeral Plan.

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