Pet Insurance

Protect your Dog, Cat or Rabbit against unexpected vet bills

Complete Protection

Look after your fluffy friends & get them the help they need.

Vets Fees
Customise the protection needed to make sure you don’t suffer any unexpected outlays.
24 Hour Access to A Vet
Petcall will provide you with unlimited 24/7 access to UK vet nurses and vets.
Ultra-low Excess
Excess per claim can be as low as £80, so you can rest assured your pet receives the care they need.
Manage your policy online in the Pet Portal
You'll never lose your paperwork again as you can access information whenever you need.
Dental Treatment
They will be able to keep chomping away with required dental work included.
Insure multiple pets for a multi-pet discount
Make sure all your pack gets the protection they need and you'll get some added discount.


The cost of pet insurance varies across species, breed, and other factors like where you live, essentially the cost comes down to you and your pet. To get a good idea of cost, get a pet insurance quote or quotes and compare the costs and the benefits. This way, you'll be able to see the cost breakdown across all cover types, levels of cover, and find out how much pet insurance is.

Bear in mind, the cost of cover will go up as your pet gets older, it's natural for ills and ails to affect them as they age, and with that tend to come more claims. The price can go up significantly too, so think about cost and affordability now and in the future.

Pet insurance covers vet fees and the treatment your pet needs if they suffer an illness or injury. Depending on your policy, it will take care of or contribute towards the cost of veterinary treatment, any required medications as well as surgery.

The cover doesn't stop there, included with every pet policy are a full range of benefits to help you when you need them the most. If your pet needs complementary therapy such as physio, that's included, and so is dental cover – they come as part of your vet fee cover.

Petcall offers unlimited 24/7 365 days a year access to vet nurses and vets. If you ever have any concerns, need any advice about your cats, dogs or rabbits, our UK-based veterinary team are there for you. And they can help you through the toughest times as well with their trained bereavement counsellors. In the good, and the not so good, Everypaw wants to be with you every step of the way.

No, like a lot of other pet insurance providers, cover doesn't start straight away. We'd love to cover your pet from day 1, but we can't. This is because it has been known for some pet owners only to take out a policy once their pet has an accident or falls ill – just for the pay-out. And that's not fair.

For accidents or poisoning, these aren't covered for the first 3 days. For illnesses, the waiting period is 14 days. After these times are up, you can make new claims, just not for anything that happened within them. The 14-day waiting period also applies to other benefits of the policy.

This is where it gets a bit tricky; pet insurance and pre-existing conditions don't mix. We wish we could provide pet cover with pre-existing conditions included, but we can't. It's not just us either; you'll find a lot of insurance providers don't cover pre-existing conditions.

We consider a pre-existing condition to be a condition, symptom, illnesses, or injury your pet is suffering or has suffered from before you take out a policy. We would also take into consideration discussions with a vet or other professionals regarding your pet's health or behaviour. Even if your pet didn't receive treatment or you were told it was nothing to worry about, these would all be considered a pre-existing condition.