Funeral Plans

Knowing that arrangements are in place so your loved ones have less to deal with at a difficult time.

Mark Bates Ltd have a long trusted history providing specialist policies for the elderly. We are now working as an approved agent of Golden Charter, one of the UK’s leading Funeral plan suppliers* to provide pre-paid funeral plans.

We all love doing something special for our family. This could be something as simple as covering the cost of your funeral directors services included in the plan in advance. With funeral costs on the rise**, a Golden Charter Funeral Plan lets you specify your wishes and the funeral director service costs are included in the plan. It can help your family avoid difficult decisions, and any financial worries over how to pay for the funeral director’s services costs, at an already stressful time. It’s a simple, thoughtful way to plan ahead and a chance to avoid the rising cost of funerals.

  • Peace of mind

    Knowing that arrangements are in place, so your loved ones have less to deal with at a difficult time.

  • A plan that suits you

    Choose from Value, Standard, Select and Premier. There are four great plans to choose from so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

  • Save money

    whilst no-one can predict the future, a funeral plan can help protect you and your family against rising funeral costs**.

  • Respecting your wishes

    Golden Charter works with around 2900 independent funeral directors across the UK offering you a local and professional service.

  • Flexible Payment

    Flexible payment methods to suit your circumstances, including monthly payments.

  • A real alternative to savings

    Money is secured either in The Golden Charter Trust, which is independent of Golden Charter, or in a life assurance policy with Phoenix Life Ltd.

  • Photo of your choice

    Mark Bates Ltd will provide you with a framed photo of your choice which can be displayed to the congregation.

  • Choose the funeral you want

    Organise your favourite hymns, poems, readings and music – you can even store this in your online account.

  • Download or Print

    Print off your advanced funeral wishes and keep them with your Golden Charter Plan Documents.

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For full details of of the Mark Bates funeral designer see terms and conditions.

This service is not offered or administered by Golden Charter and no information, other than that recorded on the Golden Charter funeral plan application form or disclosed directly from customers to Golden Charter, form part of the contractual arrangements with Golden Charter.

Flexible & Affordable

Flexible payment methods to suit your circumstances, including monthly payments. You can cover the full cost of your plan in a single payment, pay over 12 months at no extra cost or spread the cost (age restrictions apply) over a period that suits your circumstances. Another popular option is the fixed monthly payments option. No deposit is required and the amount you pay depends on your age and which plan you choose.


An affordable plan with flexibility.

pay monthly from



Added benefits of one limousine and higher quality coffin.

pay monthly from



Most comprehensive funeral plan including two limousines and a superior coffin.

pay monthly from



A simple funeral at an affordable price

pay monthly from


***the pay monthly prices are representative based on a 50 year old, paying by Low Cost Instalments with a £49 deposit.

Exclusive Designer App

Only Mark Bates Ltd customers get access to our funeral designer app when you take out a Funeral Plan.

What our customers say

Plan Ahead



Secure your prices

Funeral costs in the UK are rising every year. According to the 2018 SunLife Cost of Dying Report the average cost of a funeral in 2004 was £1,920, today it is £4,271. That's an increase of 122.5% - well above inflation. While no one can predict the future, at this rate, in another 10 years, the average cost of a funeral could be more than £7,500. A Golden Charter funeral plan offers an easy way to pay for your funeral director's service at a cost that's fixed at current prices. 


Golden Charter is one of the UK's largest leading funeral plan suppliers * , is registered with The Funeral Planning Authority and is recommended by The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF).

Choose your cover

Everyone has different needs – and we provide a range of funeral plans designed to meet your requirements at a price you can afford.





Single Payment


Funeral Director

The Coffin †

High Quality

Collection and Transport ††

During Office Hours
During Office Hours
24 Hours
24 Hours

The funeral service at a local cemetery or crematorium

Care of deceased prior to burial or cremation (excluding embalming)

Use of chapel of rest or service rooms

Choice of date and time of funeral

Funeral procession to funeral location †††

Funeral held on a normal weekday, during normal working hours

A hearse to local crematorium or cemetery

Provision of sufficient staff to attend to the coffin as required


Family viewing ††††

Any pre-arranged time
Any pre-arranged time
Any pre-arranged time
Any pre-arranged time

A list provided to the family of mourners who sent flowers

24 hour contact phone line support for bereaved

An allowance for third party costs


Want to pay Monthly?

Golden Charter offer a range of ways to pay for your funeral plan.





£49 deposit then 12 monthly payments.

£237.17 per month
£287.17 per month
£316.75 per month
£337.50 per month

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**SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2018. Projections by Golden Charter based on SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2018.

*Based on recent market share of funeral plans sold - Funeral Planning Authority statistics 2018 and Golden Charter Annual Report 2017/18.

For full details of of the Mark Bates funeral designer see terms and conditions.